The Application Form, Terms & Conditions, Policies & Procedures, and Business Plan collectively are the contract, which governs the relationship between Morie Global MMC. (Hereinafter referred to as “MORIE” or “MORIE GLOBAL”), and any person or entity that engages in business as an Independent Partner of MORIE GLOBAL products (hereinafter referred to as “Partner or MORIE GLOBAL PARTNER”. The terms “you” and “your” refer to each Partner, “We, us, our,” and the “Company” refer to Morie Global.

When you become a Partner, you are in business – and immediately have access to your virtual office, shopping cart, and Back Office.

As an Independent Partner of MORIE GLOBAL, you are required to read, understand and comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures contained in your contract; MORIE GLOBAL may change these policies and rules from time to time at its sole discretion. Updates to the contract may be found on the official company website. Violation of the contract by a Partner may result in immediate termination of his/her Partnership/Membership.

MORIE GLOBAL honors all Federal, Provincial/State, and local regulations governing direct sales and network marketing. Partners are required to honor all of the rules and regulations governing network (multi-level) marketing as regulated by Federal, Provincial/State, and local authorities. Failure to comply with said statutes and regulations could result in the termination of the membership.

Head Office cannot change the primary applicant (changing membership or partnership identity) except by official transfer of the membership or partnership.







Any person who is of legal age (18 years of age) may apply to become a MORIE GLOBAL Member of MORIE GLOBAL.

No one under the legal age to contract is eligible to sign the contract.

Once the application has been accepted, the person officially becomes a Member of MORIE GLOBAL.


Membership and Partnership:

After becoming a member you can select your product(s), add them to your shopping cart, and pay. After the order is finished, you have 48 hours to withdraw or immediately accept your order:

  1. When you accept your order within 48 hours, your order will be sent to your given address. You will be notified that there is an opportunity to become a MORIE GLOBAL PARTNER. If you choose to become one, you will become a Morie Global Partner and can immediately start building your business. If you don’t cancel your order within 48 hours, your order will be accepted automatically.
  2. When you cancel your order within 48 hours, your account will be charged equal to your paid value minus 5% for company affairs and you can choose other products. If you do not want to order other products and want to cancel your membership, you can send a request to customer service to transfer the money to your bank account or can cash it from the head office. You agree any transfer fees will be reduced from your paid amount. You agree on any cash payments from head office to members will -5% for company affairs expenses.

 Please note that all funds are in US dollars, and may incur a currency conversion and a processing fee.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner is an independent representative that agrees to the terms and policies of MORIE GLOBAL and when in good standing has access to the products and programs offered by MORIE GLOBAL.

MORIE GLOBAL Partners are not Partner shareholders as defined in this agreement for Partner.


MORIE GLOBAL reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any aspect of its Policies and Procedures at any time, at its sole discretion.  This includes changes to product pricing, compensation plans, and any other term and condition.

No Partner will be permitted a beneficial interest in more than one Membership/Partnership.



A member who has not ordered any product can cancel his/her membership at any time although MORIE GLOBAL will delete any membership with no order in a while.



Every user should charge his/her account enough for ordering his/her desired products. Partners and Members can charge their balance:

  • From other Members or Partners.
  • Transferring money to the company’s bank account and sending bank receipts via support ticket.



  • A Member cannot transfer money from his/her account directly. He/she can send a request via support ticket to transfer it on his/her behalf.
  • A Partner cannot transfer money from his/her E-Wallet unless his/her E-Wallet has been activated. To Activate a Partners's Account, Partners should send a copy of their government ID/Driving license/passport which has mentioned in the registration process on the website.



MORIE GLOBAL has different online shops based on the territories that the network goes. Prices and (sales value)s of products may vary in any online shop. Every Member/Partner can view his/her related shop based on the country he/she lives in. Giving any false information about the resident address of a Member/Partner will be considered as fraud and will result in immediate termination of his/her Partnership/Membership.


Registration that will be rejected
1. The enrollment of an individual or entity as a MORIE GLOBAL Partner without their knowledge.
2. The fraudulent enrollment of an individual or entity as a MORIE GLOBAL Partner.
3. The enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent individuals or entities as MORIE GLOBAL Partners.


A MORIE GLOBAL Member may be a MORIE GLOBAL Partner according to the following rules:
1-MORIE GLOBAL Partner has accepted PARTNERSHIP rules and has at least 1 SV or 1 BV in his/her orders.
2-Partnership annual renewal fee: Each Member should pay a Partnership fee annually to become a MORIE GLOBAL PARTNER that may vary every year.
3-Starter Kit: Every member should order a starter kit to have the ability to know MORIE GLOBAL’s missions, visions, compensation plan, privacy, policies and procedures, and training resources such as brochures, media, and DVDs. The price will be added automatically to your first order. Starter Kit price is not fixed and may change based on the inside contents during the time.

What is not refunded
A) A member’s order who his/her 48 hours waiting period is over
B) A member who accepts immediate shipment at any time during the 48 hours waiting period.
C) All partners’ orders.

When applying on-line the enroller enters the new MORIE GLOBAL member’s information into the system and the new MORIE GLOBAL’s member can immediately log in to his/her virtual office and order MORIE GLOBAL products.

What is SV or BV
Every product has point that is called SV (Sales Volume) and BV (Business Value) that can be seen in the online shop.
What is IC (Income Center)
Any partner can have up to 7 IC on genealogy based on his/her order’s SV/BV(s). A partner should choose how many IC he/she needs to start his/her business and he/she cannot increase them further. It can only be set before accepting to become a MORIE GLOBAL PARTNER.
In the compensation Plan, MORIE GLOBAL Partners may only sponsor two new MORIE GLOBAL Partners directly into their front-line per IC. All other personally-enrolled MORIE GLOBAL Partners will be selectively placed within their own Group for the benefit of either the left team or the right team of any IC; at the discretion of the enroller.

Applications received from all territories will be required to be submitted with a photo ID (Passport ID and/or Government ID card and/or driving license).
For international Applicants, it must also be noted that all communications will be in English as will be all literature and support material including websites. Translation of such material is strictly forbidden and will only be entertained if (1) the new MORIE GLOBAL Partner can show signs of having the ability to build the new territory, and (2) the enroller has such confidence in anticipated growth that they are prepared to cover the initial cost of such translations.

The MORIE GLOBAL Support System is an important aspect in ensuring the success of each and every MORIE GLOBAL Partner. You must fulfill your leadership responsibilities as an Enroller.
Proof of performance of such activities must be kept and made available to MORIE GLOBAL on request. Failure to provide satisfactory proof of such activities can result in suspension of account or commission hold back on the company’s sole discretion.
A Partner cannot enroll other MORIE GLOBAL Partners due to a one-time signup rule and if it is proved who Partners (enroller and other MORIE GLOBAL Partners) in that case will be suspended.
A MORIE GLOBAL Partner is encouraged to be judicious when distributing internal newsletters, conducting training workshops, and other programs to their down-line group. MORIE GLOBAL Partners must exercise the utmost caution to avoid giving the impression that they are acting as an employee of MORIE GLOBAL.
If for any reason these conditions are not met, the account may be suspended or terminated at the company’s sole discretion.

Compensation plan fraud
MORIE GLOBAL Partners are only allowed to own one MORIE GLOBAL Partnership per person only. Having ownership in more than one MORIE GLOBAL Partnership without the written approval of the company is strictly prohibited and against MORIE GLOBAL’s policies and procedures.
No MORIE GLOBAL Partner will be permitted a beneficial interest in more than one membership without the written approval of the company.
Launching fake MORIE GLOBAL Partnerships or under alias names for the purpose of increasing your compensation plan milestones is against the Network Marketing laws and is considered “compensation plan fraud” by the company. In an event that a MORIE GLOBAL Partner has violated this clause, their ICs will be suspended and the overpayment will be demanded back by the company.
Repeat offenders may be terminated without any prior notice.

To become a MORIE GLOBAL Partnership, the member should introduce his/her referral, his/her sponsor, and choose to be in the left or right hand of which his/her sponsor’s IC. Placement cannot usually be changed, and maybe irreversible.

MORIE GLOBAL Partner cannot increase the number of their IC(s) after he/she became a Partner. MORIE GLOBAL recommends, deciding carefully and proceed with your Partnership with your desired amount of SVs/BVs (one IC for each SV/BV up to seven, more SVs/BVs will not gain an IC).

The cost of products is base on calculating SVs/BVs so it is obvious that MORIE GLOBAL can change the SV/BV of any products from time to time at its sole discretion

As per Government regulations, MORIE GLOBAL is responsible for the customs fee when importing products to the head office. International members and partners should pay any tax and entering fee for their orders and commissions. MORIE GLOBAL holds no responsibility for any tax or other payments that shall be paid for your country’s rules.
MORIE GLOBAL collects and remits applicable taxes for purchases made from MORIE GLOBAL as required by law.

Each IC is an asset for the MORIE GLOBAL Partner, which can be sold, passed on as inheritance, willed to a charity, etc. The account requested to be transferred, must be renewed. Accounts on Hold cannot be transferred. Any transfer or sale must be approved by MORIE GLOBAL, upon submission of the proper forms.
A PARTNERSHIP may be sold; the seller (MORIE GLOBAL Partner) will submit a Sale of the Membership Form, and the buyer will submit an Application form. Upon approval by MORIE GLOBAL, the membership shall be transferred, including any remaining credit. The sale price is negotiated between seller and buyer without any involvement by MORIE GLOBAL.
The person(s) acquiring the membership and becoming a Partner cannot have been a MORIE GLOBAL Partner in the past year.
All transfers are subject to an Administration Fee of $450 for each IC.
The seller cannot register as a partner again due to the one-time registration rule.

Upon the death of an individual or dissolution of a business entity, the Partnership will be transferred to their successors according to applicable law. If Partner did not mention any successor, a notarized statement or certified court order will be required. The successor- MORIE GLOBAL Partner must provide a signed Application form, and must fulfill all of the obligations and responsibilities of the MORIE GLOBAL Partner in order to continue the Partnership and receive all of its benefits.
If a MORIE GLOBAL Partner inherits a MORIE GLOBAL Partner, while they cannot benefit from two MORIE GLOBAL Partnership, they can choose which Partnership they wish to continue.

To effect a transfer of a MORIE GLOBAL business, the successor must provide the following to MORIE GLOBAL (1) a notarized copy of the will or other instrument establishing the successor’s right to the MORIE GLOBAL business, and (2) a completed Application form executed by the successor.

Each MORIE GLOBAL Partner has a one-year renewable contract with MORIE GLOBAL. The contract will automatically renew on the MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s one-year anniversary of the application acceptance date by paying an annual fee. The MORIE GLOBAL will notify the Partners 14 days before the end of the Partnership. After 14 days, their ICs will be suspended for a month, the commissions will not be added to their E-Wallets or E-vouchers, and after the one-month period, their account will be blocked. So pay your annual fee as soon as you are notified.
For those Partnerships that have enough money on their E-Wallet, the renewal fee will be deducted automatically from their E-Wallet.

Successful payment of yearly renewal will allow MORIE GLOBAL Partners to keep Partnership benefits for another year.
If payment is not received on the anniversary date, the account will have 30 days to pay your renewal but the commissions will not be added to your E-Wallets nor E-vouchers. In the mean while If not paid within 30 days MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s partnership will be blocked and the Partner cannot register as a new partner/member for a year.

MORIE GLOBAL Partners are not required to keep any inventory, and can simply refer customers to their website. MORIE GLOBAL also recognizes that MORIE GLOBAL Partners may wish to purchase products in reasonable amounts for their personal or family needs.
It is MORIE GLOBAL policy, however, to strictly prohibit the purchase of products or large quantities of inventory in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses or advancement in the compensation program.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner will perform all of their business activities in a professional and ethical manner, which will enhance the MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s reputation and the positive reputation of MORIE GLOBAL. A MORIE GLOBAL Partner will conduct their business and dealings honestly and fairly. MORIE GLOBAL Partners will not engage in any conduct which would negatively reflect on MORIE GLOBAL. MORIE GLOBAL Partners will be courteous and respectful of every person contacted including employees of the corporate office and shall not libel/slander the products, company, corporate staff, or its MORIE GLOBAL Partners at any time. Serious violation of this provision will result in termination of membership/partnership and possible legal action. MORIE GLOBAL defends its brand and reputation vigorously and will take all steps to rectify any and all damage caused through Courts of Law.
A MORIE GLOBAL Partner will never sign on behalf of another MORIE GLOBAL Partner or prospect, except as duly authorized. Any violations will be reported to the authorities.
MORIE GLOBAL Products or Compensation Plan can be marketed/promoted in the following manner/environments:
– Trade shows
– Online
– In-home parties
– Temporary weekend stands in malls
MORIE GLOBAL Products cannot be promoted in offices, because it is about to be simple to do for everyone.
MORIE GLOBAL Products cannot be mixed with other products or brands.
You shall not misrepresent the MORIE GLOBAL Products or compensation plan. You must realize and accept that engaging in any deceptive or illegal activities will be grounds for termination. You cannot make appraisal claims other than the ones supplied by MORIE GLOBAL for any of the products, nor will you misrepresent the income potential of the MORIE GLOBAL Compensation Plan.
Currently, anywhere a statement of income potential is made, you must include the following statement on the same page “Compensation for the majority of MORIE GLOBAL Partners conducting activities necessary to realize the plan’s benefits for over one year are forecasted to be between $2,500 and $15,000 per year. However, there are MORIE GLOBAL’S MORIE GLOBAL Partners that earn significantly higher incomes due to their number of ICs, commitment, and effort. A typical MORIE GLOBAL Partner is one who has the right to sponsor others in the plan, engages in sales to others.”
You must understand and agree that you are solely responsible for all financial and/or legal obligations you incur in the course of your business as an Independent Partner of MORIE GLOBAL. You must also discharge all debts and duties as is required of an independent business.

MORIE GLOBAL believes that it has superior products, offers better value, and pays more. A Partner can be part of any other product or service, as long as the MORIE GLOBAL products and opportunities are not presented in a negative light. An example of negative action could be a Partner actively recruiting for MORIE GLOBAL at another company’s event. Copying of the concept and the way that MORIE GLOBAL operates their business is strictly prohibited and will be subject to legal action by MORIE GLOBAL.
MORIE GLOBAL leaders who are involved in making public presentations shall not also make public presentations for other companies.

Sharing information about other MLM opportunities or products to MORIE GLOBAL’s MORIE GLOBAL Partners and customers for the purpose of cross recruiting into another network marketing programs or competing company's products or services with a similar marketing model is strictly prohibited, and subject to firm legal action.
Confidentiality: I acknowledge that information and materials acquired by me as a MORIE GLOBAL Partner including, but not limited to, prospect, customer and Retailer/Partner lists, and genealogy reports will not be used or disclosed to anyone except for the purpose of promoting and developing my MORIE GLOBAL business.
On ceasing to be a MORIE GLOBAL Partner, whether by reason of voluntary termination or involuntary termination, you will not communicate with any MORIE GLOBAL customer, Partner shareholder, staff, or supplier on behalf of another network marketing company. At no time will you slander or libel any MORIE GLOBAL Partner or staff or the products or compensation plan.

 Information contained in any genealogy, down line, or recap report is confidential, proprietary to MORIE GLOBAL, and is transmitted to the MORIE GLOBAL Partner in confidence.
The MORIE GLOBAL Partner agrees not to disclose such information to any third party directly or indirectly or use the information to compete with MORIE GLOBAL; or for any purpose other than to promote the sale of MORIE GLOBAL Products and the building of a sales force of MORIE GLOBAL Partners selling MORIE GLOBAL products.
The MORIE GLOBAL Partners and MORIE GLOBAL agree that if not for this agreement of confidentiality and nondisclosure, MORIE GLOBAL would not provide the information to the Partner.
A MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s breach of confidentiality for the purpose of disclosing information to a third party could be cause for immediate termination and legal action by MORIE GLOBAL.

All MORIE GLOBAL Partners are independent contractors for MORIE GLOBAL; they are not franchisees, joint ventures, partner shareholders, employees, or agents of MORIE GLOBAL. MORIE GLOBAL Partners are strictly prohibited from stating or implying orally, electronically, or in writing that they are franchises, joint ventures, partner shareholders, employees, or agents of MORIE GLOBAL. No MORIE GLOBAL Partner has the authority to bind MORIE GLOBAL to any obligation or otherwise. A MORIE GLOBAL Partner, as an independent contractor, is fully responsible for all of their conduct in the operation of the Membership. Each Partner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MORIE GLOBAL, its officers, agents, and directors against any and all liabilities including judgments, civil penalties, returns, attorney fees, court costs, or lost business incurred by MORIE GLOBAL as a result of the partner's conduct in the operation of their Membership.
The use of MORIE GLOBAL’s head office mailing address, telephone numbers, or any other contact details for personal use or gain is strictly forbidden and could result in termination and/or legal action.

 MORIE GLOBAL Partners will not be treated as franchisees, joint ventures, Partner shareholders, employees, or agents with respect to any government regulations. When applicable, MORIE GLOBAL will issue reports of income to MORIE GLOBAL Partners as required by each country in which MORIE GLOBAL does business; accumulated earnings and all purchases placed through the account are available to MORIE GLOBAL Partners in their back office, However MORIE GLOBAL will not prepare reports of any kind for income tax purposes.
MORIE GLOBAL does not recognize any exclusive territories. MORIE GLOBAL Partners are not restricted from conducting business anywhere. Any law limitation should be MORIE GLOBAL Partners concern.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner shall report any change in their contact information in writing to Partner Services at the MORIE GLOBAL corporate office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If the MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s mailing address requires a change in either Province/State and/or Country; MORIE GLOBAL Partner MUST submit this communication through their Back Office Support Ticket.
All communication with Head Office should include:
• MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s full name on the application
• Username
• Copy of ID that Partners had sent to activate his/her account.

All MORIE GLOBAL’s MORIE GLOBAL Partners are encouraged to share their excitement of MORIE GLOBAL products and business opportunity. MORIE GLOBAL reserves the right to use statements and photographs voluntarily submitted to its corporate office from MORIE GLOBAL Partners and customers in its promotional material without any stated, written, or implied financial compensation.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner may not make claims about the products except those officially approved in writing by MORIE GLOBAL or as contained in the official MORIE GLOBAL literature. In particular, a Partner may not make any statements, which claim to the market value, cut, and quality of the products other than the one provided by MORIE GLOBAL. Such statements directly violate MORIE GLOBAL policy and are prohibited.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner may not make any representation relating to compensation unless it includes disclosure of the compensation likely to be received by typical participants in the plan as disclosed by MORIE GLOBAL. Hypothetical compensation figures based upon the inherent power of network marketing as actual compensation projections are against the truth. The compensation potential is highly attractive in reality without resorting to artificial and unrealistic projections. A Partner who violates this policy may be subject to immediate termination.

MORIE GLOBAL Partners may not say or imply that the product appraisals are endorsed by any government agency.

The names “MORIE GLOBAL”, ”MORIE” and all current and future trademarks as well as the names of all MORIE GLOBAL products are the trademarks of MORIE GLOBAL.
Only MORIE GLOBAL is authorized to produce and market products and literature under these trademarks.
The use of the MORIE GLOBAL’s names on any product, literature, or electronic media not produced or offered by MORIE GLOBAL is prohibited unless written approval has been obtained from MORIE GLOBAL.
The MORIE GLOBAL name, trademarks, logos, and the names of the corporate executives, Board of Directors, Advisory Board MORIE GLOBAL Partners, employees or any other professionals who endorse MORIE GLOBAL may not be used in any form, either written or spoken, without prior written approval by MORIE GLOBAL.
MORIE GLOBAL Partners must submit requests to use any such names, logos, or trademarks to the compliance department of MORIE GLOBAL at [email protected]; the use of MORIE GLOBAL names, logos, and trademarks is strictly limited to MORIE GLOBAL-approved formats. When a MORIE GLOBAL Partner has received approval to use the MORIE GLOBAL name, trademarks or logos in any pre-approved medium, the MORIE GLOBAL Partner must indicate that he or she is an “Independent Consultant” of MORIE GLOBAL.

MORIE GLOBAL makes no warranties regarding possible infringement of any U.S. or foreign patent, trademark, trade name, copyright, or the like caused by a Partner’s operations; and MORIE GLOBAL Partners shall have no claim in connection therewith. When a Partner learns of any suit or claim regarding any patent, trademark, trade name, or copyright infringement involving MORIE GLOBAL, the Partner shall immediately notify the MORIE GLOBAL Compliance Department.

A Partner may only use authorized promotional materials to promote MORIE GLOBAL products and opportunities. MORIE GLOBAL wants to ensure that the prestigious image of the company and its products are properly put on display. Should a Partner wish to generate their own material, including websites, social media, CD’s and DVD’s they must first apply to MORIE GLOBAL for permission to do so with an explanation as to its’ purpose. All such material must at all times carry the wording “Independent Partner”. Pre-approval is not required for a sign or banner that includes the heading: “Partner”.
1. Material cannot be false or misleading.
2. Material cannot promote a particular manufacturer or company.
3. Partner must have full permission from the authorizing party for further publication.
4. A Partner must clearly identify himself/herself as an Independent MORIE GLOBAL Advisor or Independent Partner.

Any deviation from these rules could result in termination and potential loss of income.
All Forms of advertising using MORIE GLOBAL names, logos, or trademarks (including but not limited to printed materials, forms, videotapes, and any media including computer networks) must be approved by MORIE GLOBAL prior to use.
A Partner may be liable for damages resulting from unauthorized use of MORIE GLOBAL copyrights, trademarks, and materials.
MORIE GLOBAL Partners may not use or attempt to register any of MORIE GLOBAL trade names, trademarks, service marks, product names, the Company name or any derivative thereof, for any Internet domain name. 
A MORIE GLOBAL Partner who attempts to change or modify the label or packaging, which misrepresents the products or who makes claims other than those set forth in MORIE GLOBAL literature will be terminated without notice.

A MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s telephone listing must be under the heading of “Independent Advisor” or “Independent Promoter”.
A MORIE GLOBAL Partner shall not answer the telephone by saying “MORIE GLOBAL”, or use any other MORIE GLOBAL trademarks that would possibly give the impression that the MORIE GLOBAL Partner is a MORIE GLOBAL employee or that the caller has reached the MORIE GLOBAL corporate office.
With increasing public interest in MORIE GLOBAL, MORIE GLOBAL Partners may be contacted by the media. When this happens, the MORIE GLOBAL Partner must contact MORIE GLOBAL Head Office immediately. MORIE GLOBAL Partners are not authorized to make any statements or comments to the media with reference to any or all of MORIE GLOBAL officers, products, or procedures. Failure to this is a ground for membership termination.

MORIE GLOBAL Partners may not reproduce for sale or for personal use any recordings of MORIE GLOBAL produced recorded materials.

Requests to make changes to an account must be submitted to the MORIE GLOBAL Head Office. To accept a request to make changes in an account, MORIE GLOBAL must be able to establish the identity of the owner of the account. To confirm the identity of the account holder, requests will be accepted only if received by:
• Notice submitted with the signature of the MORIE GLOBAL Partner on a dated document with a copy of a government-issued ID that Partner had sent to activate his/her Partnership via support ticket in the virtual office.
• Any account activity in a Partner’s MORIE GLOBAL account (virtual office) that appears incorrect must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the posting of the account activity to the MORIE GLOBAL website via support ticket for research and final decision. MORIE GLOBAL is not responsible for errors and omissions not brought to its attention within 30 days from the time of occurrence.

The Head Office is open during regular office hours which are Monday to Thursday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 1 pm.
NO admin work is done on Saturday, Sunday, and Statutory Holidays, Partners can visit the office just to pick up their orders. The office is closed on Sunday and statutory holidays and as otherwise announced.

MORIE GLOBAL’s E-Wallet is the only method of payment. MORIE GLOBAL will deposit Commissionable earnings into your E-Wallet. The amounts of which may be viewed through your Back Office. Through your E-Wallet money may be transferred to any of the available financial instruments of your choosing or may be transferred to another MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s E-Wallet.
If a Partner wants to cash his/her commissions from our corporate offices, he/she must send a request via a support ticket on MORIE GLOBAL website 48 working hours before coming.

The MORIE GLOBAL week is from Sunday midnight to Sunday midnight (Company’s Head Office’s time). Any activity finalized during the week is confirmed on Sunday midnight; activity is reflected in the Back office by Monday the following week and payment is loaded into the E-Wallet next Monday.
Any commission requests to be cashed by the head office will be done by the previous announcement and will charge MORIE GLOBAL Partner 5%.

Enroller receives Partnership’s privilege and all Up line receive SVs/BVs.
For example, new MORIE GLOBAL Partner joins today, and therefore the calculation period ends on Sunday. Up lines' commissions become payable on next Monday.

Voucher points appear in a MORIE GLOBAL Partner’s V-Wallet (Voucher Wallet) at the end of every cycle. V-Wallet can be used to order products from voucher Online Shop. You can order any product that you can afford by your points or wait till your points reach enough to order higher products. All orders from the Voucher shop are Non-Refundable nor changeable.
Voucher points are intended for use to purchase products only and have no cash value.

MORIE GLOBAL reserves the right to deduct from payments any account receivable balances owed to MORIE GLOBAL, including balances resulting from reverse transactions due to product returns, chargebacks, clerical errors, and membership, and order cancellations.
Up line MORIE GLOBAL Partners affected by returned products or cancellations will have their accounts and payments adjusted accordingly.

March 12, 2019