Morie Global LLC has been registered in the republic of Azerbaijan in 2018 and started its activity globally. Its main office is in Baku, Rep. of Azerbaijan.
Art and handicraft is the main field of Morie Global’s activities, specially Persian carpet.

Why the republic of Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a well-known country in the region for having good commercial and political relationship with all countries specially European Union. There are so many of international delivery and post companies, tens of international banks and variety of nationalities in Azerbaijan, which has made this country so good for business. Our company has been registered under Azerbaijan laws and working officially in the field of network marketing. As we have searched, “Morie Global” is the first Azerbaijanian network marketing company that sells its product globally. The company’s office is located in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

How far can we go?

As you already know, network marketing is one of the most successful methods of sales in the world. When we talk about sales, we should know what the start point is. Departments like Identification (AKA Systems and Methods), Quality Control, Warehouse, Stores and shops, Financial and Accounting, Packaging, Distributing are involved in the exact order. To start a global business it is not enough to have just a website but we should have different tools and interfaces, depending on the needs of every department of the company and customer’s needs. For instance, customers interact with the company with website, Warehouse department uses Android application and Financial and accounting department uses windows application. The most important thing is the server integrates all the applications while many of medium and small companies use separated applications and have to transfer daily data from one application to another manually. It is a time consuming process and no one can do it without mistake. Morie Global has an integrated infrastructure that every department is benefits from it and uses its job from various applications and tools.

Why non-consumable products? Why binary plan?

It is good to know that all the products that are being sold in network marketing in the world are in these two categories:

  • Consumable products
  • Non-consumable products
Consumable: Those products that you buy and in over time, you use and finish them or they expire and you will buy them again. Like edibles and food stuff, cosmetics, beauty and care that you have to buy them in a period again or you have to sell them to the people around you every month. Generally companies that have these kinds of products, use MLM compensation plans. In these companies, you have to buy particular amount of products every month and sell them to others. The people that work in these companies need to be a good seller or should have spent long time on training in sales skills and technics.
In the other side, we have a category of non-consumable products that they may never finish or expire over time or they last so long. Like chandelier, artworks that you may have in your place, furniture, clothes, jewelry, decorative objects, handicrafts, etc. Majority of the objects around you are non-consumable. The companies that sell these kind of products generally use binary compensation plans.
No one has to sell monthly. Everyone chooses what he or she loves most and buy it for him or herself and uses it. There is no obligation to buy again because it never ends or expires. Others can buy for themselves.
It is good to know that 80% of network marketing companies are working on consumable products and just 20% are working on non-consumable products. However, 20% of what are around us is consumable and 80% are non-consumable.
Our company has a plan for that 80% of the market.


What do we sell as products?

Morie Global Products foundation is based on multi thousand year of Persian handicrafts:

  • Weaving
  • Moarragh
  • Monabbat

The products of Morie Global has been made by the hands of professional and experienced artists and generally are unique in quality, design and price in the market. Company has used cultural and historical designs or the painting of world-class painters. Every product has a unique ID document with a serial number such that after receiving your product, you can enter the serial number in the website and view all the description online. Dimensions, details, materials, artist or the workshop name all are included in the ID document of your product. All products of the company are guaranteed authenticity and quality.